During this hour, idle chatter, frivolity, and both verbal and physical responses to motorists are strongly discouraged. Life Chain is a time for serious self-analysis, repentance, and intercession.  Accordingly, Life Chain is not a demonstration intended chiefly for the general public. Instead, its first goal is to minister to its own participants—to those who hold the pro-life messages and declare abortion a grave evil that defames the name and righteousness of God (Leviticus 18:21). Indeed, we who call Christ our Savior have failed to intervene as we should have during the past three decades, while over 40 million boys and girls in America alone have been killed through surgical abortion and additional millions have died from chemical contraceptives and the once prevalent IUD.

After this hour, everyone is invited to stand together in groups to pray as a church for an additional ½ hour.

For all who are mindful that Life Chain is a “church oriented and pastor focused” ministry, the key to a successful Chain is to persuade local pastors to educate their congregations about abortion and to lead their church families to the sidewalk where their Life Chain is to be held.