Our Circle of Life
Circle of LifeJoin a special group of men and women who believe in our long-term mission and want to protect life, both now and in future generations. They support us through a variety of planned, charitable gifts to our Endowment Fund. Planning now for distributing your assets after your death will ensure that those individuals and institutions you care most about will benefit from your generosity. For example, a charitable bequest in your will allows you to retain your assets during your lifetime and/or the lifetime of your spouse. You may make a bequest for a fixed amount of a certain percentage of your estate. Leaving a legacy for the unborn can help you protect more of your estate from the IRS while ensuring your assets benefit those about whom you care. Other options for planned giving include a Charitable Lead Trust, a Charitable Remainder Trust, and a Charitable Gift Annuity. For information on these and other methods of planned giving, click here to access our Endowment Fund brochure. For assistance in establishing any of these arrangements, please call us a 937-461-3625 or email. This information is not intended as legal, tax or investment advice. Always consult an attorney, tax professional or investment professional.

You can also celebrate the life of a deceased loved one with a memorial gift or honor a loved one's anniversary or other special occasion with an honorarium gift. A special card noting your gift is sent to your loved one's family and their names are published in our quarterly newsletter.

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